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It’s become a recurring fantasy for most girls to have a sugar daddy of their own. And as sugar daddy relationships are steadily on the rise, SeekDaddies, a viable sugar daddy app, allows men and women in this niche to all be in one place, explore their fantasies and live the dream.

If you’re itching to get tips on finding a sugar daddy in 2021, girl, it’s your lucky day! We’re here to guide you every step of the way to make sure that you lock in that potential daddy and have him on his knees the moment he sees you!

The trick is to be coy and strategic in your ways. It’s not only about playing hard to get or making them realize how bad they want you. It’s how you’ll make them feel how important you are to them and that nothing else in the world means anything without you in there.

Now’s the time to put on some lipstick, strap on those heels and paint the town red! Get ready, girls, as we list down the tips you need to get yourself a sugar daddy!

Be tenacious in your pursuit of your very own sugar daddy

It doesn’t stop with just talking to one guy. You’ll have to make your way in finding a sea of men (and their semen) before picking the most likely frontrunner to woo you. Apps like SeekDaddies allow you to do this.

You can easily do a quick search and find your potential targets who would be suitable as your potential sugar daddy. But, of course, boundaries should be set. They can include not dating anyone over 50 or perhaps staying away from married men—because that’s obviously gonna be a messy affair.

Once you get to choose the right daddy for you, it’s time to go on a date. Pick a nice restaurant—something you know well he can afford. It actually can serve as a gauge if that sugar daddy really does have money.

Choose the perfect pictures to lure in the daddies

What makes an excellent and attractive picture? It’s a shot that flatters the subject and flaunts all the goods at the best angle to make them more pronounced.

So how do you achieve this?

It’s as simple as this: if you have a big booty, then definitely highlight your booty and make it seem like it’s the most desired cake any daddy has ever seen. If you have huge knockers, the answer is wickedly simple: prop them up and make them look bigger than they’re supposed to.

Remember this, ladies: the average age for a sugar daddy is 38, so you should know that these younger, virile sugar daddies would want someone who’s definitely ALL worth it.

Make them want you! But you have to convince them hard that they really do want and need you. After all, most sugar babies are just after sex for financial support from their sugar daddies.  Getting your own sugar daddy doesn’t come that easy, and you have to lay the groundwork for that to really manifest.

Keep in mind your role in this relationship—and play with some guys on the side.

These men are excellent at earning money, but they don’t have a woman. So take advantage of it and just enjoy the thrilling adventures (he is paying for) together, whether for a rendezvous in Paris or even Bali. Avoid domesticity and restrict dates to two or three evenings a week. This is not only more doable, but your absence keeps him engaged.

As we all know, a sugar baby is expected to be fun, cheerful, busy, seductive, and mysterious. Other emotions frighten sugar daddies, so if you aren’t happy or active enough, exaggerate! While you’re on your period, text him pictures of sick parties from Instagram while at the same time binge-watching Netflix and gorge on junk food. Keep your emotional needs in check with friends and lovers (but don’t tell your sugar daddy that you have a “support group” in place, especially if they’re expecting full commitment and monogamy on your part.)

Make sure you’re a complete sex goddess!

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. Well, we beg to differ. It’s always straight down to his pants!

Let’s admit it. Most of the time, men want one thing and one thing only—it’s what’s between your legs. The thing is, there’s a difference between owning a pair of knockers and a fully functioning vag. You must know how to work it.

Older men crave sex—and a lot of it! Make sure to give them a show and, of course, leave them hanging for more. You have to be a total sex vixen that would do their bidding. While they would technically want an angel in the streets, they’re probably looking for a devil under the sheets.

You should know how to pleasure them and tease their senses using everything you’ve got: your mouth and your pussy. These two openings are mighty as they can make even the most powerful men bow down to your command.

So you better work on those techniques if you feel like you’re lacking. If you think you’ve already mastered everything there is to make a man cum and moan—then you better put it into good use, sister!

Scout those fine, older gentlemen in the fancy bars in the nicer part of the neighborhood.

Eager to meet the most eligible bachelors who will splurge you with the best things in life? Well, to tell you the truth, you’re not going to find them lying around in those seedy bars or the cheap ones down the street. They’re most likely hanging out like a sir in those snazzy bars and lounges uptown.

What does that mean, ladies? It’s time to get out that skimpy black dress at the back of your closet, put on some red lipstick, a sensible pair of heels, and go on a hunt.

Remember, you need to exude class and command respect—and not to mention, a whole lot of sex appeal to get them to notice you!

Use a dedicated dating app that matches sugar daddies and babies

Girls, this one is a no-brainer. Make sure to sign up for sugar daddy sites, such as SeekDaddies, to let you really reel in the sugar daddy of your dreams. Now is not the time to put everything to waste. The clock is ticking fast!

You can narrow down your choices and get connected right away to sophisticated misters who know how to treat a lady right!

In a nutshell: Trust your gut, girl. You got this!

If things keep on failing, take a break, recoup, change your strategy, then try again! Don’t lose hope! While it’s easy to give up finding the sugar daddy in 2021 to make your fantasies a reality, the truth is, it just takes time, a bit of luck, and determination. With this sugar daddy-finding guide in 2021 at your disposal, you’ll surely find your very own in no time! Trust us! It’s fool-proof!

Put your head up high, don’t stop dreaming and sign up to SeekDaddies to make that sugar baby dream a reality! 

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